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Myzery with Mic

As the years passed by and little to no evidence could prove that the once thought to be dead rapper was even in the music game any longer, a long forgotten passion was revisited. Many dark nights, misunderstood intentions, and soured friendships had embedded an unrelenting sense of remorse into every fiber of his being. Did he really die, of course not…but symbolically, life DID imitate art, as a brutal set of circumstances transformed him into the embodiment of the term- “misery”. However, as Myzery the rapper was left to die slowly in an effort for his host to shed the stigma…he felt an old flame start to ignite within him. Could the rapper who when in the embryonic stage of his career was performing on a sold out international tour really just slip away into obscurity without one final run at success? Possibly, I mean, the industry is now free due to download sites and record labels unwilling to invest in talents they can no longer bank off of. BUT, that doesn’t mean an OG mutha fucka can’t still try. Since his artistic awakening, MZYERY’s burning flame to return has grown into a torch, a torch that he’s planning to start a wildfire with amongst the underground that he was born into.

What really caused the hardships that forced him into shadows for so long? For starters, he was too young and blind to identify his opportunity out of poverty through what would become an epic musical movement, and parted ways…just before the world took notice. So he remained in the struggle.​

Then he was questioned about it by critics, who only had a satellite view of his world. Next, years of guerilla recording tactics caused doubt amongst once believers, who didn’t feel his tactics mirrored his shine. Then, when he was at his lowest point in life he discovered that family and loved ones committed a deep betrayal, when he would have undoubtedly laid down his life for them. Although now staggering, he managed to keep his head high and use the pain to fuel his fire of launching a return. Through the therapy of music, his wounds are healed and his spirit is strong now. Not until now has he been truly ready… to FINISH what he started so long ago. The once immature street thug who blessed us with the undeniable brilliance of his debut EP, has finally transformed into the man that’s gonna earn your attention once again. While fans of his would love to hear a return to the nostalgic magic that he once shared with his ex label mates, he’s fully prepared to write this next chapter in his career with nothing more than a select handful of die hard homies (and even ex hatchet homies if they’re down) and the fans. And in the words of the man himself-