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The “Demon Angel” is upon us!

From a concept first conjured up nearly five long years ago, to the many premature teasers of the album’s release date, Myzery is finally proud to announce the official release of his highly anticipated “Demon Angel” album. While many Myzery albums have come and gone since his groundbreaking debut album (“Para La Isla”) in 97, this one feels like only the 2nd release of his entire tenure. Why… because this album eclipses everything he’s released since his Hatchetman origins. With echoes of greatness scattered throughout his back catalog, no one release has ever been clear of those stifling technical flaws or cloudy personal circumstances. Such mishaps have kept listeners steadily reflecting back on his debut album, and wondering how could he ever reach that same level of excellence again? Well, that all ends with the January 2015 release of Myzery’s “Demon Angel”.

From start to finish this album is Myzery’s one true magnum opus. From production and replay values, to Myzery’s fine tuned delivery and renewed focus, to the diverse list of guest features, and especially for it’s painstaking depiction of an Underground Rap Journeyman’s- confessions, bloodshed, bonds, and triumphs. The album’s first single “knocking on heaven’s door” features ICP frontman Violent J, and is currently available for download at both iTunes and This single alone is considered by most who follow ICP as Violent J’s deepest verse in years, if not ever. Production wise, Myz has scoured the nation’s best-to-seediest studios; all in an effort to find only those choice gems that captures your attention from intro to outro. The lyrical content this go around bears the least resemblance to his moniker, as all levels of human emotion are explored, not just the hellfire and brimstone that Myz fans have grown accustomed to.

While the tales of gunsmoke, pillow talk, and sour grapes are still present, they are now just familiar faces in a much larger crowd. Over 60 tracks have been recorded, and of those, only about a third made the final cut. With the exception of the first single with Violent J (out now) and about a handful of “Demon Angel” tracks performed “live” over that past few years, the album guarantees to take you by total surprise. No filler, no repeats, no buyer’s remorse…all certified bangers! Get ready, the Demon Angel is almost here!

By now I’m assuming that everyone’s back home safely, faygo detoxed, society domesticated (maybe not), and attempting to readjust to normal life. As with everybody who attends the GOTJ, our perspectives are going to differ, as each moment is approached under a unique set of perspectives and circumstances. However, I’m writing this as a “majority rules” recap from our Camp, so hopefully some can relate, or maybe it will entice others to experience what’s arguably the greatest Musical extravaganza on Earth!

Greetings from Myzery Camp! First things first, I wanted to give a heads up to all the AZ and New Mexico area fam about some upcoming performances on DJ Clay’s “Scratch the Surface” tour. On July 27 and 28 Myzery will be joining up with the turntable maestro himself to properly prepare everybody for that annual Shangri-La, aka GOTJ 2013, happening right around the corner. Myz will be in full effect with all kinds of classics from his back catalog, as well as some future favorites that nobody’s even heard of yet. And seeing as how this is the new DJ Clay tour, of course he’ll be performing his banger- “I ain’t a killa” from the A World Upside Down Mixxtape! So consider this fam, will Clay be tearing it up fierce on the tables like only he can…check, will Myzery be bringing his undeniable stage presence and those classic’s you know and love…no doubt, is there any reason good enough to miss this epic union of hatchet homies when they hit up your town…not likely!!! Hope to see you at the shows.

The 2013 Gathering of the Juggalos will once again be happening in the woods of Cave-in-Rock, IL at the Hatchet Landings! August 7th – 11th!

It's Our time!!! Make plans now to join Myzery at The Hatchet Landings!!

Tickets available @

Myzery to perform farmington New Mexico on Saturday July 27th & Tucson Arizona Sunday, July 28th 2013

There you go Arizona!! You been screaming loud for some Myzery in the desert.

We will keep you posted on the progress.